There are two popular reasons people have for choosing to not believe in God or go to church: 
1. It’s hard to believe in a Good and Loving God who allows so many trials in my life.  
2. There’s just too much hypocrisy in churches.

James (half-brother of Jesus) writes a straight-shooting, no-holds-barred letter with challenging words of wisdom that will help us persevere through trials and live as a maturing follower of Christ that reflects Him in increasing measure.  

May 19 – Persevering Through Trials
May 26 – Becoming Mature in Christ… With Our Wealth
June 2 – Becoming Mature in Christ – With Our Tongue
June 9 – Becoming Mature in Christ – With The Bible
June 23 – Becoming Mature in Christ – With The Bible Part 2
June 30 – Becoming Mature In Christ – Is Faith Enough?
July 7 – Becoming Mature In Christ – With Godly Wisdom
July 14 – Becoming Mature in Christ – Friend of God