The Coronavirus continues to affect the way we live and experience life together.  Social distancing and avoiding public gatherings help protect the most vulnerable amongst us.  
Therefore, we are working on the following exciting, fun and caring ways we can be the church. This is an invitation for all of us to be the church—to see and experience the Kingdom of God in action on earth. 
There’s nothing like being together and seeing each other face-to-face. We all need community—a place to see old friends, meet new people, laugh together and be there for each other.
We invite you to join us Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am.

Before You Arrive
– Make sure you are feeling well with no covid or flu-like symptoms.
– Bring your mask. If you don’t have one or left it at home; no problem, we provide disposable
ones the moment you enter through the main doors.

Upon Arrival
– You’ll be greeted at the front door and there will also be a hand-sanitizer available.
– We have space for you, friends and family upstairs, and in the overflow space downstairs where everything will be live-streamed.
– If you are new here, please go to check-in so we can get your information.
– If you have children 5 and under, we have nursery available for them. Just go to the “CHECK-IN” Stand and someone will register your children and show you to the nursery room.

– We aim to keep our services to approximately 45-50 minutes.
– We start off with a welcome and go right into a message that will both encourage and challenge us. Afterwards, we share any announcements or updates, pray and sing a song.
        Currently our music has been pre-recorded on video. We are working towards re-starting our live band once again
– After the service you are free to mingle. Just remember to keep your mask on and honor social-distancing protocols.
– If you have children, we definitely want you to enjoy some time talking with other adults. However, we ask that you please return back to the nursery within 5-10 minutes.

Have Fun & let God Speak to You
At Northside, we love to have fun and we also believe that our God is alive, He loves us and wants to engage with us—not just on Sundays, but every day. But, there’s something special when people
come together on Sundays.

No matter what you are going through, God wants to speak into your life—sometimes through the message, or through a chat with someone else, or maybe on the way to church or as you head back
home. We invite you to say a prayer, asking God to help you have an open heart and mind to listen to Him.

God bless you all! Can’t wait to see you!

If you have any prayer requests, please email them to Pastor Steve at and it will be shared with the rest of the elders and know that we will be upholding you before God in prayer.