As a church we desire to always do these things:

  • We will always preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love grace, and the complete scandal that it is. We aren’t perfect people, so we don’t expect anyone else to be. We can’t earn the love of God, and neither can anyone else. But in death and resurrection of Jesus we have been forgiven, redefined, made holy by God, and given a new destiny, and we just want the world to hear the good news.
  • We want to always be a place where people in all walks of life, at all points in the journey to  faith can belong, explore, question, and grow. People can’t be isolated, we need each other. We hope to promote this sense of Christian Community within our church, homes, and families.
  • We want to love our City well. Kitchener (and the surrounding area) is deeply loved by God, and so we too want love it well. We desire to take seriously the command in Jeremiah 29 to seek the peace and prosperity of the city. Be it through generosity of time, effort, and money, developing relationships, and bringing good news to all people, we hope to love our city well.
  • We love to worship and praise God. We desire to be a joy-filled people who give honor and praise to God, since he has been so Good to us.
  • We believe that God can fix any situation. He restores marriages, heals bodies, sobers addicts, softens hard hearts, forgives the deepest of sins, and gives new identities. And so we expect to see these things happen amongst us.



As a church we are a member of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC).