Jesus’ last 24 hours on earth were the most painful experiences any man could have faced—Unanswered Prayer, Betrayal, and Loneliness.  We’ll look at how He responded to those experiences so that we can overcome them rather than be buried by them.  But, first, we will look at evidences for the Trustworthiness of the Bible and for the Resurrection of Jesus.  

Mar 10 – Can The Bible Be Trusted – Pastor Steve Boctor
Mar 17 – Evidence For The Resurrection – Pastor Steve Boctor
Mar 24 – Responding To Unanswered Prayer – Pastor Steve Boctor
Mar 31 – Responding to Betrayal – Pastor Steve Boctor
April 7 – Responding to Loneliness – Pastor Steve Boctor
April 14 – Responding to Jesus – Pastor Steve Boctor